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So you cant connect?

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There has been several post lately about players saying theyre launcher is bugged, or thy get a bad login to a server.

All you guys, be aware of that Minecraft itselfe has had issues, larger issues with theyre Authservers. They have prob done some changes, that for some odd reason seems to affect modded clients more than vanilla one.

I really suggest all of you guys that apparently has connectionissues to be patient. Tekkit really dont get involved in connections in that way, that part MC handles. And if that part fail, well .... u cant connect etc.

I havent had any issues today, but i had several yesterday. Also some ppl have written that Mc somewhere (Jeb+) have had issues. Might be a case of "stand in line, try again plox" situation.

So if you cant connect, bad login etc ... I see no point of reinstalling java and all that fancy shit. Really ... when did java really gave bad login due to java version? Never that ive ever seen. Bad login = mc issues vs server protokoll.

So chill out, wait, and try again. Really, all those post the last days about not being able to log on ... Tekkit is using MC, its not a standalone game, be logical!

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