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NEI.. I'm stuck


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New to Tekkit and I'm missing something ...

Running on Mac, OS 10.7.4

In NEI I can,t add any items to my characters inventory. I can see them all.. Just can't find away to give, to my guy!

I know drag & drop doesn't work, aand I've tried all manner of left/right clicking with mod keys ....still no luck.

I've read here that 'recipe mode' has to be off ? In the Options mine is always on, and can't be clicked to 'disabe'. Is this a clue?

Thanks in advance for any help


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There's some nice stickied threads begging your attention...

Good luck, and don't sign your posts.


I trawled them all ... and the only one that seemed relevant suggested turning off the "Spawned Items" list. which I did. However there was no effect. I still cannot figure how to get an item from right most pane into the Item Selection panel like I can in regular minecraft.

My NEI interface has a functional search field, the Item selection list and the left panel of unused items. I note that there is no "Load" buttons on the left like in regular Minecraft. Don't know if it's meant to be there.

How am I 'meant' to add Items to the Item selector pane ... Right click?

BTW : I am just playing Minecraft Tekkit by logging in to the 'normal' Minecraft game server. Not running a custom server. Does that make a difference?


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Ah, got it .... :-))

Sorry you had to prod so hard! ;-) I appreciate your help. I went to the system Library folder, not the User Library to find the NEI.cfg ... my bad.

Many thanks.

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