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Well, first you should probably start evaluating your life and wondering, what does it all mean? After you've spent a couple hours contemplating that, try to log in again and if it doesn't work, it's clear that the problem is the outlets in your house. The best way to get back at outlets in your house is to stab them, preferably with a metal object like a fork or sharp knife. Now once you've waged war on electricity and assuming you've won that battle, you need to go win the war. Drive down to your local substation and cross the streams. Make sure you hold firmly on both wires to bridge that connection which will cause a short and shut down the electricity for that block. If you're still up for winning the war, head to your local power plant and do the same thing. You may need to use an item like a metal rod to bridge the connection, but in the end, I think everyone will know what to do next time you can't authenticate your account with minecraft.net.

Good luck to you soldier. Minecraft is counting on YOU!

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In other words, your net might be derp, or you're just a pirate trying to get around the legit MC conundrum. (If you are the latter, buy the bloody game, its honestly worth the 30 bucks you'll pay for it.)

I really preferred my way of saying it. Now you probably ruined it and he's gonna stop at the outlet. Way to go man.

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