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Any tips for a new guy on Tekkit & Add-ons? Maginuclear Power?

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Hi chaps,

I'm gonna get a better internet connection (an actual great one, even) and I have an old heap of computer equipment lying around, so I'm gonna put together my own Tekkit server. However, I want to do it right! Thus, a bunch of questions!

1) Any tips on how best to run a Tekkit server? Standalone server management software for Tekkit servers to perfectly manage it all?

2) Which add-ons work on Tekkit, and how do I put 'em on? I've seen a few really neat IC² add-ons, the Rocketry and the Thermometer mods in this case. Would these work out of the box, or are there special versions or special add-ons for a Tekkit server?

(Edit: I'm a dolt for not realizing the thermometer addon's already part of Tekkit)

3) Are there any add-ons that add laser barriers or similar cool add-ons (especially for nuclear reactors :) )?

4) Finally, I've seen it's possible to use Better Enchanting for enchanting coolant cells and other internal components of IC² nuclear reactors. But it's SSP only! Any mods that can achieve something similar in SMP, which works with Tekkit?

Thanks ahead.

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1. Depends on if it's a private or public server. For public servers, I cannot comment much since I've only been an admin but for private servers I just run it from my home PC or a second box (I don't need special software, just run it and let it go).

2. By add-ons, I assume you mean other mods (as opposed to bukkit plugins). If you're installing other mods, be advised that you can't just stick the "server" files onto the server and expect them to work. The server files need to be bukkit ports.

3. Probably but I don't know of any that have bukkit ports as mentioned in number 2.

4. No clue what you're talking about.

Good luck.

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1. A private server, though I might make it public after a while. Either way, we're looking at around 10-15 people.

2. By add-ons, I mean add-ons... Like an add-on for Buildcraft, Industrialcraft, etc. Such as the Rocketry Add-on for IC².

3. OK



I mean that ;3 That's done with a mod that allows you to pick which enchantment to use on your item. Normal enchanting won't work, but using this mod, you can put enchantments on most items. Sometimes, this has the interesting effect of actually doing something, in this case it decreases the heat received by Coolant elements, and increases the longevity of Uranium :3

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...and converts text into Russian, evidently.

If the addons have SMP bukkit ports, you should be able to add them in. Then you'l just have to install the same version client-side and make sure the configs line up. If, however, the addons are SSP only or regular SMP without bukkit ports, you won't be able to add them to a Tekkit server. Do you understand what I mean?

For example, I've never heard of rocketry being converted into an SMP bukkit port. If someone finally did and released it, you'd have to find it on sites that host bukkit ports.

As for the enchanting table you show above, I've seen that mod once but don't remember it being SMP (or allowing enchanting of IC2 items, for that matter).

So, in short. Yes, it may be possible to add some mods and addons that are ported into bukkit but you'd have to check the list of bukkit ports. I don't remember exactly where that list is though, perhaps someone else might post it here.

Edit: I found the page listing major mods and bukkit ports (It includes some addons).


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