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Getting seriously confused about newer versions of CB

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No matter if its the new recommended Tekkit or some other modded CB 1.2.5whateverrelease based server, I keep getting the [WARNING] Can't keep up blablablababla msg, even when only 1 player or no player at all is playing.

Same setup (java flags, memory allocation) runs Tekkit 2.1.1 server with 10 players without a hitch. I don't see that message one time.

I don't have any error msges. The server runs , but for some reason it thinks that it can't keep up even though cpu or mem usage doesn't go 100%. I even bloody cleaned out all redundant processes in ubuntu and run without gnome gui. It doesn't matter at all.

Could anyone point me in the right direction for information about this? Maybe some information about the java settings? I keep finding contradicting answers. I'm positive that just allocating more memory isn't the fix.

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We are using a bitch to install linux on MSI notebook (ms-1683), with 4Gb RAM (nvidia chipset) and dual core Pentium T4500 cpu. I run it remotely because my brother where it is at, suffers from a linux allergy.

Tekkit server 2.1.1 runs smoothly with on average 6 players online ( -Xms1G -Xmx1G -jar flags). Tekkit 3 can't even run on it's own with no players logged on without giving the warning can't keep up msg that is driving me crazy. This is on a newly generated world.

I tried to create my own modded BC based server, but I get the same problem with any modded bukkitcraft1.2.5 server. Nothing else runs on that notebook, not even an X server.

I'm now going to try running the world on a ramdisk, see if that matters. I found that suggestion on the bukkit forums.

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Have at it but from what I've read BC seems to cause some lag issues and may be the cause of these issues, not the solution. I haven't tested or confirmed yet, however.

Aside from the error, do you have any issues with the game itself? If not, just disable the warning and live in peace.

Also, if the app you're using to read CPU load just indicates load on the CPU as a whole instead of individual threads or cores, it wouldn't be a good indicator. I'm pretty sure bukkit only runs on one core. If you disable HT in BIOS (if applicable), it may force the server to run on a physical core rather than a logical core which may help but I'm just speculating at this point.

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