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Help! Extreme Lag In Hexxit, But No lag In Vanilla!


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I do not understand what is wrong. I have an Alienware laptop with more than enough power, I have the latest 64 bit version of Java installed. In Vanilla Minecraft, I have no issues whatsoever. Once I load up Hexit, however, I can only achieve 2 fps. Even in the main menu, I have atrocious performance. What is happening?

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How much RAM have you allocated to the technic pack? When you open the launcher, go to launcher options, and then java settings. Inside there you should be able to modify the amount of memory going into Hexxit, and all other technic packs. Increasing it to as much as possible will increase Hexxit performance by a lot. Also, what version of hexxit are you running? I know in the 2.0+ versions of hexxit, map writer is extremely laggy, and pressing n to turn it off increases my fps by around 20 at some points.

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