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Small Tekkit [3.0.4] patch - Charlie the friendly creeper! (Disables creeper explosions)


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Alright, I don't know about everyone else out there, but I REALLY don't like creepers. And in Tekkit, one blowing up by my machines is a HUGE pain to fix. Imagine one blowing up a nuclear reactor, if for whatever reason you had it out in the open. So I created a small little patch to turn all creepers into Charlie!

Another reason I made this is because Bukkit plugins don't always play nice with Tekkit (Or at least I don't think some do; I could be wrong. Correct me.) They may have security vulnerabilities or just plain out don't work. Also, other plugins usually have extra features which either doesn't play nice with Tekkit or is unnecessary.

Sure, there may be plugins out there that do EXACTLY this and play nice, but I created this standalone patch anyway.

P.S. I have no clue if this is worthy of going into the patches/fixes sticky :P

What it does

Creepers will still act as normal. They see you, they chase you, etc. This modifies the "F_()" method inside the "EntityCreeper.class" file so that instead of exploding, they still hiss like normal but then swell to the max size. And sit there. And do nothing. But follow you around. From there you can kill it or cage it; that's your choice. I have created two patches: One, where they still drop gunpowder, or two, where they don't drop any items. (This will make it impossible to get music disks. However, they still drop EXP, I haven't figured out how to change that yet.)

Installation and download

NOTE: You ONLY need to patch the SERVER; Read on for the instructions!

Patch (With drops) - http://bit.ly/NvRpLK

Patch (Without drops) - http://bit.ly/M7rpdB


1.) Locate your Tekkit server JAR file.

2.) Stop your server, if it's running.

3.) Open the server JAR with 7-Zip, WinRAR, or WinZip (I like 7-Zip the best)

4.) Open "net/minecraft/server"

5.) Open the downloaded patch with the same zipping utility.

6.) Copy and replace the "EntityCreeper.class" file from the download to the JAR.

7.) Done! Start your server to verify that it works.


If there is any bugs, you like my patch, or just something new you want to see, post a comment. Constructive criticism is welcomed.

A question to Java developers

NOTE: To users without Java knowledge, ignore this.

I can't recompile the Tekkit jar without errors, maybe it's my decompiler that screws up the code, but who knows. Is it possible that if I know the exact text and line number, to use a hex editor to delete the line from the Java bytecode? Or is there a way to force compile a ".java" file? Thanks.

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