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Redpower Tubes = 0 TPS


Title: Redpower Tubes = 0 TPS

Version: 3.0.3/3.0.4

OS: Windows Server 2009

Java Version: Java7 SDK

Description of Problem:

When tubes are pumping items and don't have an exit they fill up completely. This causes major TPS LAG when the pipes are clogged up searching for an exit.

Error Messages:

Error Log:

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I'm open for suggestions. Thinking about making the tubes a +rank so people need to go to a class to learn how to make them correctly.

"item detector"? I haven't used that yet.

How would you suggest me to change the way a few thousand people use redpower?

timer is increased to 40 (high?) already.

This is my issue:

bunch of kids are logging into the server and creating endless loops with tubes;(Unknown players Im usually MAX 75/75 online) and can't log in while I'm at work to catch who it is. I usually have 20 TPS most of the time.. but after a while those tubes clog up and the server gets overloaded (2-3 TPS) /lagg clear removes all entities on the map except for what is inside of the tubes. (I'm talking 30-40k entities)

The methods causing the lag are:




and a few others.

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