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  1. Hey guys, Hellocreeper players are on aussie time, not sure it they showed up, they were asking me where you guys were at 3am California time lol (They are a day ahead of me)
  2. I'm open for suggestions. Thinking about making the tubes a +rank so people need to go to a class to learn how to make them correctly. "item detector"? I haven't used that yet. How would you suggest me to change the way a few thousand people use redpower? timer is increased to 40 (high?) already. This is my issue: bunch of kids are logging into the server and creating endless loops with tubes;(Unknown players Im usually MAX 75/75 online) and can't log in while I'm at work to catch who it is. I usually have 20 TPS most of the time.. but after a while those tubes clog up and the
  3. Title: Redpower Tubes = 0 TPS Version: 3.0.3/3.0.4 OS: Windows Server 2009 Java Version: Java7 SDK Description of Problem: When tubes are pumping items and don't have an exit they fill up completely. This causes major TPS LAG when the pipes are clogged up searching for an exit. Error Messages: Error Log:
  4. So far the dark matter hammer, and the dark matter axe have crashed the servers. Posted logs @ pastebin! http://pastebin.com/QquknGhZ I'll investigate what is crashing the server. I'm not sure though because I was sleeping when it happen.
  5. Awesome! Good to know.. I'll keep an eye out also for my server.
  6. Sorry I got to you too late Remember this post for sure though! Would corruption happens often with tekkit... just need some world edit skills to fix it sometimes :)
  7. I believe you can view the programs they've created on the server side... Maybe you can attach those files and we can view the code... see where the problem is? and maybe see if they are doing it on purpose
  8. Hello! I added screenshot (Image) walkthough to a rar file for you. http://hellocreeper.com/java/java.rar If you don't have a rar here are the image links. Follow them to update to java 7 64. (I dont want to spam the post with 20 images so click the links) Sorry mods if this is too many links. http://hellocreeper.com/java/java1.png http://hellocreeper.com/java/java2.png http://hellocreeper.com/java/java3.png http://hellocreeper.com/java/java4.png Click this URL to download the JAVA7 64 BIT http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jdk-7u4-downloads-1591156.ht
  9. First can you try what I suggested about the ComputerCraft? Remove the mod and see if it continues.
  10. Maybe you can try taking out each mod one at a time? On 2.1.1 I would have advanced pipes break ALL the time.. corrupting chunk. I would see the person that last logged in on the server before the crash and go into essentials (yes I use essentials) and get his cords. (Backup your world first) If you have time, try doing the following but remove each mod 1 by 1 until the server doesn't crash. Steps I would do to fix the corrupted chunk from Advanced Pipes. 1: See the last few people that logged into the server before the crash 2: Find their last cords from essentials 3: Shutdown
  11. Is it all the time? or randomly? If it's randomly you're probably doing a /reload on your server and that breaks some mods. If its not this I'd try the above users post. OP the mod.
  12. Have him follow the image I posted here. http://forums.technicpack.net/index.php/topic,12303.0.html
  13. A: Hes using a outdated server and you're on the latest client. B: You're using an out dated client.
  14. Is this happening often? - Randomly? Can you check your logs before each crash and see who logged in with in the first 10 minutes? When I seen a crash complaining about wireless redstone it ended up being from computer craft (The Mod). A User had written a Loop that was so fast it crashed the server each time he started it (Loop AKA ComputerCraft Virus that crashed my server) What I can suggest to rule out computercraft: Remove computer craft for a few days. If the crashes DID STOP then you can replace computercraft and delete/rename the following file. %ComputerCraft\lua\rom\p
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