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[HELP] Disabling Item On Tekkit/Reactor Question

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How would I prevent players from making nukes on my tekkit server. My original thought was to use WorldGuards Blacklist. But, when I tried that, it messed with other crafting recipes and certain items then couldn't be crafted. So am I doing setting wrong or something?

Then regarding nuclear reactors. Testing them out on my server they create massive craters and could be easily weaponized. Is there a way to make their explosions smaller?


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if you go into the config folder and find the IC2 config, there should be 2/4 lines

# Explosion power of a nuke, where TNT is 4


# Maximum explosion power of a nuclear reactor, where TNT is 4


you can use these values to control the explosion power of nukes and the reactor, so in a sense you could set the values to 0 and have a very safe reactor (as it wouldn't blow anything up)

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