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Weird floating Solar power plant


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Ok so a couple days ago me and a friend started a new tekkit world we loaded the world from scratch no messing around with it or nothing we spawned in the rain and a little bit up on a mountain I see a discolored spot on my map like something at a great elevation I at first thought it was just a bug because I saw absoultly nothing on the said hill so we walk up it and find that there is a spot where the rain ends right underneath the discolored spot on the map It is now that I decide to find out what this was once and for all so I make 4 stone shovels and get diggig dirt after I have 4 stacks I figure I have enough to get anywhere so I build a "noob" 1x1 tower and go up after a while I realise that the bottom of this square is pure snow blocks so I countinue my curiosity getting the better of me I reach the platform to find to my astonishment decoritive stone blocks with Heavily insulated cables above me and in the center of the platform a high voltage energy converter connected to a medium and then low voltage one I wonder what this place is and head up to the top floor here my interest peeks wondering what the cables are for I go up to find in a target shape a circle of high voltage solar arrays followed by a circle of MFSU's and so on there is about 10 rows and all the MFSU's are full of power I was wondering if this has been found by anyone else Me and my friend live here now and though we cant get on much we have made quite a good home without the usual problems of running out of energy and we are about to finally get to induction furnaces and rotary macerator type machines if anyone else has found this I would love to here about it If you need pictures then I can supply you with them as well as the seed

P.S. just checking the seed to make sure my friend aint trolling although I doubt it he learned about tekkit earlier that day

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Im now intrested, however this could simply be a crossover thing (I forget the name) where if you name a world after one you deleated, some of the objects can get transfered into the new world from the old one. Ask your friend if he ever built a world with the objects he found.

If he didnt, then this could be a truely intresting find, as there may be some extra code in the world generation....

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