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Mappers for Tekkit


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I've been looking around for any mappers that properly render all the additional tekkit blocks with not really any luck - posting here in either the off chance that someone has already got a working config for one of the many mapping tools out there or, lacking that, is there anywhere I can get a list of the working blocks I would need to update my own mapper of choice?

I've seen the post made by mike on Dynmap and while impressive, it's not quite what i'm after; I don't really need any of the awesome live/dynamic features in it for my private worlds and really hoping for something with more detail such as Minecraft Overviewer.

More than happy to create the modified configs myself, but would just need to know where to get a nice list of block's and other details in order to make it happen so any and all help or direction is very appreciated!

(Also more than happy to post up the final configs for everyone else too!)

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I've been using dynmap for a good while now and can tell you that the real power of dynmap isn't it's live features but rather it's configurability, you can configure it to behave in pretty much any way you want and when you want it. If you crank up the resolution and play around with zoom levels, view angles, etc you can get it to create highly detailed and very beautiful dynamic, or static if you prefer, maps. If you've only read about dynmap, I recomend installing the plugin (very easy) and play around with it (dig deep into the config files that it creates in the plugin folder to see what you can make it do, also check out the plugins for dynmap itself.) However, I'm not here to try to talk you into using dynmap or any other specific mapper.

NEI can dump a list of block and item IDs but it wont dump ALL the custom blocks in Tekkit (afaik) due to how some of the mods use block metadata to identify different blocks rather than unique block ID's. The obvious example is Redpower, as it was Eloraam that first came up with/implemented the idea to use metadata this way, that adds a shitload of "microblocks" (all the panels, covers, slabs, etc). You can find the names of the blocks in the redpower.lang file (inside the repower folder in the root of the server), that list contains 2282 entries where the vast majority are tiles (as opposed to items) so trying to create a custom config that spans 100% of Tekkit, regardless of mapper used, will likely drive you insane.

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Aha! Thanks for the pointers Ravenleft; You're right, I didn't realise how configurable dynmap was and Soulgriever's example is essentially what I'm after (although I can see lots of 'invisible' volcanoes etc).

I hear what you're saying about the microblocks + other paticulars and not really expecting a perfect level of detail to become revealed...but just the big things would be nice!

It was the same with H/M, all those towers and underground dungeons would have looked great on the overworld map if they rendered nicely.

I've used a lot of basalt and marble variants around the overworld for buildings and paths, so even just getting those blocktypes and some of the IC/BC pipes & machine blocks would be enough.

I'll check out the .lang file to see what its like but I'll definately give dynmap a proper look too.What's the best way to get NEI's attention if I decide not to go with dynmap?

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