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No Mods installed?

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Hi guys!

I have this problem with Tekkit, when I try to join a Tekkit server it says I need a lot of mods installed wich the Technic launcher apperantly hasn't installed but wich are all part of the technic pack. Has anyone an idea of what I've done wrong?

Btw when I try to join a server when I'm in Technic I can't join but it doesn't say I don't have the right mods for it and when I try to do SP in Tekkit I have no mods..

I hope someone is able to help me because I really want to play some Tekkit..

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simple fix actualy been seeing this alot the past few days. open your launcher hit options and hit clear cache. somehow it was broken in a recent update an u just need to re-download so like i said hit clear cache an thats all u gotta do the launcher does the rest of the work

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