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Experienced server admin looking for a server!

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Hey guys!

I am a server admin and i offer my experience for old or new, big or small servers, that are in need of an experienced server admin.

I know nearly everything about the most common plugins (World edit, MC Bans, GuestGuard)

Write here or PM me if you need an admin.

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Do you really think anyone is going to go for this? You just randomly put up an app for admin for any server that might want one.

You didn't even list experience, and you don't have any references.

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hello i am looking to be a admin for a server i have had experienced and now a lot about tekkit but i will be going on holiday on Monday and will be gone for two week but if u asker before that would be bester and i will not kill people unless they are not following the rule here is my email address [email protected]

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Somehow people seem to miss the role of staff.

Some servers recruit random people or friends, and funnily enough the server goes into disarray.

Some servers recruit outside people. These people won't easily be respected in the community if the server's been up for a while,

due to resentment from existing players hoping to be staff, and other long time players that have no trust.

That, and from my experience, all people that have entered servers looking to be staff off the bat have tried to steal player data and possible finance data.

Long story short, if you're phishing, get out.

If you're not, get out anyway.

And go and spend some time being a pillar of a community, and then you can tell the server owner how amazing you are.

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