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Quarry does not mine while I am away

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Hello all, first post on this forum sorry if I post in the wrong place ! :(

I'm a pretty new minecraft player (1 monthish) and even newer tekkit player (1 week) I have a server hosted by aim2game just for a few friends and myself

So the problem I am having is after running a few standard sized quarries I decided to build a large one using landmarks now when I originally left this said quarry alone and went to bed it continued to dig it was great got down to layer 15 overnight.

Now though, If I leave the server it stops and hasn't moved when I return and if go too far from the quarry it stops also.

Not sure if this is a common problem, a server problem, a client problem or I'm just doing something wrong. Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance

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This is a common mistake of new players. The reason that it stopped after you logged out is because of a Minecraft game mechanic that reduces the load on a server. The world is broken into 16 X 16 block sectors called "Chunks" and when those are loaded into the server memory it uses space, so to conserve space the server unloads them when a player gets out of range, or in your case, disconnects. All machines you have actively running or digging will cease. To solve this you need to build a block called a "Teleport Tether." To build it is just iron ingots around a piece of Lapis. Once you have crafted the teleport tether place it next to your quarry and it should keep it loaded and digging.

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