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How did he do it?


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2012-07-17 04:40:00 [iNFO] RaichoBlitzkrieg: Theres a certain item you can put in the condensor

2012-07-17 04:40:06 [iNFO] RaichoBlitzkrieg: but its a secret ;O

This guy had been griefing and duping on my server and i wonder how he did it. When he came on he asked if the alchemy bag was banned, and later when he was done griefing and duping he was talking to one of the players and he said that thing above.

I wonder what kind of item he had put in the condenser and how he got it

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Not sure if this would work, but I'm guessing he put an item into an Alchemy Bag, then condensed it, thus duplicating the items inside for free.

(I do not know if this works, but it should be looked into).

No, the alchemy bag will always only contain 1 set of items if you remove them from one you will remove them from the other

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