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Oil Refinery and Energy Link


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Hi everyone,

2 questions, probably simple, probably me being a dummy.

I have an oil refinery, with 2 big tanks of oil coming in with wooden pumps and redstone engines. Then 2 tanks coming out with a wooden pipe and redstone engine. I have an energy link slapped right next to the refinery, powered. For some reason, I cant get the refinery to work. I had it working before, then my energy link blew up on me (I assume it lost power?) and I cant remember what I did :(

Second question, what benefit does having a conductive pipe between the energy link and the refinery give, if anything?


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The double tank pointing at the oil is pumping fine and the oil is showing in the refinery. The single tank on the oil refinery, has a wooden pipe with a redstone engine and is pumping, but there is no fuel coming into the compartment to be pumped.

*Edit* Also the wooden pipes are all waterproofed

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