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ok so today i got avante hosting for making my youtube videos and for my close friends to play on and i was just wondering if some one could point me in the right direction to setting it up as a tekkit server as there is no tekkit.jar option in multi-craft

this is the error that i get after following the online tuts

18.07 22:21:15 [Disconnect] User mikebail has disconnected, reason: disconnect.genericReason

18.07 22:21:15 [server] INFO at zt.run(SourceFile:76)

18.07 22:21:15 [server] INFO at qq.c(SourceFile:9)

18.07 22:21:15 [server] INFO at qq.h(SourceFile:189)

18.07 22:21:15 [server] INFO at lx.a(SourceFile:155)

18.07 22:21:15 [server] INFO at eu.a(SourceFile:25)

18.07 22:21:15 [server] INFO at lx.b(SourceFile:227)

18.07 22:21:15 [server] INFO java.lang.NullPointerException

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