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Splitters, Detectors and renewables

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Hi all.

New to Tekkit... lost a day to it already!

Few items I am having issues with. Sorry its gonna be long.

I inserted a couple of detectors in the glass fibre cables coming down from my roof. One from the solar panels and one from the wind turbine tower.

They operated a light block to indicate power being supplied.

However... bit buggy. Sometime no power goes through them, but if you smash them out then re-fit them, they work.

Also, the detector on the solar array cable (12 panels) seems to draw most of the EU out of the cable and barely any reaches my MFSU.

You certainly get more power without the detectors inline. Are they supposed to rob that much? I though it was 0.5 EU per detector, which doesn't appear to be that bad.

My solar array and wind turbine tower are on the roof. Both have their own glass fibre cables leading the power away (I am sure one would do - but had two for the indicating system).

The roof is pretty far away - two stories. Making my turbines between level 70 and about level 100 if you press F3.

Is that kind of length glass fibre cable going to rob that much power? I can't see how you can get turbines high without long cables.

Can you use Batt boxes as 'boosters'? Fit one half way down the cable. I know it won't charge - it will go straight in and out again, but will the help? Probably not.

I have 17 turbines, 12 solar panels and yet barely any real charge into the MFSU. I know its 'random power', but I can only ever run one of my electric engines on my quarry at any time.

I have to boost it with a coal generator most of the time.

Finally.... the splitter cable. It doesn't appear to do what I thought it did.

I had it inline with the coal generator output, controlled by a switch.

My understanding was that the generator would charge up and hold a full charge, while the splitter cable - powered by a redstone switch, stopped the EU current.

However this doesn't appear to happen. The current just flows out of the generator into my MFSU anyway - regardless of the splitter state.

Hope that makes sense.


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