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Disabling second abilities on certain items

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Hi, I need some help on disabling the second abilities of certain items, such as the Philosophers stone. I read on some threads that i needed PEX and Modify world, both of which i got and installed, and then needed to put the permission "modifyworld.item.use.27526.on.block.*" into my perms file, but that doesn't really appear to be working...

Can someone help me figure out a way to disable these second abilities on items like the Philosopher stone?

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Well, so far it seems to be working, so thanks :D

oh but before that, I add it in as "Usage: 27526" right?

EDIT: Ok as soon as i added other items like the dm tools, the philosophers stones ability came back :( Also all abilities return to the tools when they are charged... Anyway to fix that?

EDIT 2: Now it doesn't work at all -.-

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If you are to add more stuff, its recommended to shut the server down, make changes then start it again. If you do commands like /reload, well, ur borked.

I havent tested with the EE tools yet, as i prefer to dissable them instead since they in large number/usage creates some not so wanted lag.

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