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Jumping off point to Minecraft modding for an experienced programmer?


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I'm somewhat of a seasoned and experienced programmer, but have never gotten much into the guts of Minecraft. Being stricken with the inexplicable desire to do so, I'm curious as to what a good jumping off point is for this; preferrably some sort of guide topic or course which is not content to talk down to its audience(derp derp what's a variable derp) but treat their audience as though they already understand core programming principles, and simply need to learn Java and how to interface their existing knowledge with Minecraft.

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I have particularly strong experience in Lua and UnityScript(basically JS with Unity libs, in pragma strict), along with limited but still clear understanding of Processing, Python, C#, x86 assembly and C.

One thing I am really proud of in Lua is having created magnetic gravity code for an F-Zero like vehicle, using custom libraries for rotation interpolation(quaternions are the devil m8) and ray-based physics, which I've subsequently managed to port to UnityScript.

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