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Experimental Fix for Java 8 Users

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This specifically addresses the crash of "spellscript.ScopeException: Scope Exception: class java.lang.String hasn't implemented all its inherited abstract methods." when trying to run this modpack using Java 8.  The way the launcher works, it's probably just vanishing when you try to launch the game.  

I address the specifics of the patch here, and don't feel it's necessary to go over that again.  The patch affects a library that's related to spells, and I did try playing a mage and found that the fireballs work, so I'm going to assume it's fine.  But since I'm not familiar with this modpack, I'd like to hear feedback from those who are and can vouch that this hasn't negatively affected the game in any way.  

First of all, grab the fix here.  Now go to where you have Technic installed.  If you don't know or don't remember, click "Launcher Options" in the top right and it'll be right there in the "General Settings" under "Install Folder".  Navigate your way to that folder in whatever OS you're running.  Then go to modpacks/hackslashmine/bin from there.  

Open the fix archive in your zip program of choice.  Now also open the modpack.jar file from your hackslashmine's bin folder in your zip program as well.  In that, navigate to "spellscript", then to "scope".  You'll see a ClassInfo.class file in here.  Copy the file from the patch zip into this folder of the modpack.jar to replace it.

That's it!  It should run under Java 8 now.  Like I said, I would consider it experimental, let me know if you have any problems.


p.s.  In case anyone finds this thread in the future when a new version could potentially be out, this is for v0.6.4.6 of the modpack, on Minecraft 1.2.3.

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