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  1. I'm probably not exactly your target audience since I have no interest in making public packs, but from my point of view, I can tell you that you haven't given people a lot of incentive to join your group. There's no idea for a pack given other than one that the general public will like, which to me implies "kitchen sink" even if that's not what you mean. That's not to say that a general pack can't still be good, but the popular pack groups out there these days tend to make heavily customized and themed ones, which have a tendency to overshadow the traditional kind. You haven't said whether
  2. Dunno who paged CanVox, I was just pointing out something that I thought might get the OP in trouble. How silly of me to think that Mojang would ever enforce their EULA.
  3. Oh there's definitely people out there abusing the license. I'm not even particularly fond of some of the wording myself, but what can ya do. Here's the relevant quote from the EULA: They've clarified this to some degree, such as that it's okay to be paid to make a mod for someone as a commission. But a price tag on a mod itself is basically a no-no. Anyhoo, I'm sure you can figure out something since your plugin relies on the back-end software too. Just thought I'd point it out.
  4. I realize that there's a back-end here as well, the rules surrounding which being a bit gray. But you can't actually charge money for the plugin itself, just so you know. That's a direct EULA violation.
  5. Non-Java-based version-locked Minecraft on PC, likely complete with app store DRM?. Microsoft's off to a great start. Though we all know that this is exactly why they bought it: product promotion. I'm not updating to Windows 10 just to play MCPE, but I will see if I can find out how to break it to work on Windows 7, because you know it's gonna be possible one way or another.
  6. That's actually a feature that was added in vanilla Minecraft 1.5. If you're playing older packs like Tekkit Classic you won't have it.
  7. Wow, I didn't realize that there were any major mods left still pulling that stunt. I also prefer lighter-weight maps anyway so it doesn't affect me any.
  8. I agree that EE1 was arguably more balanced. The only thing you could produce out of thin air was glowstone and obsidian. That in and of itself was slowwww, so you needed a lot of aggregators. You then had to make use of other mods to actually automate production of any other resource from it, which made it feel like you were really doing something. It was incredibly similar to UU matter in that respect. Then they basically condensed (pun intended) that down into a single block in EE2. Which isn't to say EE2 was bad at all, mind you, just certainly easier to abuse. As for modpacks, they
  9. This specifically addresses the crash of "spellscript.ScopeException: Scope Exception: class java.lang.String hasn't implemented all its inherited abstract methods." when trying to run this modpack using Java 8. The way the launcher works, it's probably just vanishing when you try to launch the game. I address the specifics of the patch here, and don't feel it's necessary to go over that again. The patch affects a library that's related to spells, and I did try playing a mage and found that the fireballs work, so I'm going to assume it's fine. But since I'm not familiar with this modpack,
  10. Doing the sense of gravity could likely be done with just a regular mod. I'm fairly certain there's a hook to catch when any block is broken, at which point you can just scan upwards for blocks to the height of that specific X/Z column, and shift all of those blocks downwards, maybe with a visual effect entity like the falling sand/gravel uses. I can imagine that there might be performance implications though. I believe TerraFirmaCraft does something like this, if you want to check that out. Changing the fluid mechanics would more likely require you to change the vanilla code. But you don'
  11. I definitely wouldn't worry about getting sued. Most modders I've ever seen are fine with private packs. The whole point in making mods is to play them, after all, and if you can't throw a few together for you and your friends then it's not a mod worth including to begin with.
  12. Looks like 2GB of ram, on a 32-bit quad-core 1.8ghz CPU. For average modpacks these days, doubtful. Even the newest versions of vanilla might be sluggish. But smaller packs on maybe Minecraft 1.6.4 might be playable. If you don't know how to manually install just the mods you want, now might be a good time to learn!
  13. This is all shaping up really nice. I like that there's a place to specify Java arguments. My only suggestion would be that you allow users to select the Java version to use, because that alone can avoid a lot of future headaches if we run into another situation like Java 8 again. It would also be nice for testing purposes. The only thing I noticed that might be worth mentioning is that there's spots where the font looks a bit jagged. Overall though it looks great.
  14. Dumping it in modpack.jar is how I assumed it would have worked as well, but I would be interested to know if this worked out for you. I've been working on some Forge-less stuff myself and it would be nice if there's a launcher which easily supports it.
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