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  1. Few questions about power armor: I have set up my first suit, top of the line across the board (energy field, elite battery, night vision, flight control, rail gun, diamond pick, etc., etc.) . . . ah wait, the one thing I didn't install was the more advanced "fall protection" on the boots (why does one need "fall" protection when one has a jetpack anyway?) 1. How do I fly (I have a jetpack installed): I managed to accomplish it once but it was by some combination of keys I cannot seem to replicate. 2. How do I shoot my rail gun? 3. What do you guys recommend on the settings for the various mod
  2. Yep, removing those blocks seems to have fixed it. Weird thing is, they "are" off, at least as far as the F7 detector and the visual rendering. But evidently the spawner thinks they are not off. Guess I'll use the lamps that use "lumar."
  3. Thanks I'll check that out. Your recollection that there was such a bug makes it worth the trouble to replace them with some other light source. I can always use them in other places in my base. They seem to function properly in Tekkit. Any recommendation on alternative light blocks?
  4. I found a vanilla zombie spawner on the server I play on. I like to build "old school" type water elevator + drop-damager (along with some redstone controlled pistons and lighting to turn it off) mob farms, and built a number of bases in SP around such spawners. The spawner gets a sealed chamber that is 9x9 and 6 high, the water slide, water elevator, and drop are all sealed up too. The ride the elevator up 12 to 15 blocks then back across the top of their spawner and then drop 19 to 21 blocks and are sealed up with only their feet showing through half block gap. I use all the space around thi
  5. I'm just a fledgling IT guy, and I don't have the expertise to actually help you troubleshoot problems with this game/mod pack. But I'm guessing anyone who would have the knowledge to help you, if they did not just ignore your post completely, would say "Need more details:" What platform/OS, what changes have recently been made to your system, did the application work previously, have you tried uninstalling the Technic launcher and mods and Minecraft and reinstalling, has something changed with your Java install, when is the last time you successfully used Tekkit, do other mods in the Technic
  6. I'm not very experienced with the nether. Any good videos that you guys know of that go through "best practices" and strategies, particularly with tekkit or tekkit lite in mind?
  7. Tekkit Tweaker seems to have fixed the FPS issues I was suffering. Always a bit leery of Java based programs, but I kept a restore point if things seem screwy. Overall I see a distinct improvement in the smoothness of graphics rendering. Question: does Tekkit lower the incidence of precious ores like Gold and Diamond? Compared to Tekkit Lite (and using a turtle) I have found a lot less gold and diamond. Or is it simply that the Galactic Craft ores somehow "replace" the others and thus cause gold and diamond to occurr less frequently?
  8. Won't argue with you guys about whether IC2 is "dead" or not. It does sound like development has ended. But it still works. Tekkit Lite has it (and EE2) and they both work just fine.
  9. Is "TekkitTweaker" safe? Is it regarded as a good option to smooth out bad fps? I've got a pretty high end machine (3.5 Ghz Quadcore i5 with 8GB of ram). I never see any performance issues in Tekkit Lite, but I'm seeing stuttering in Tekkit particularly when I get into areas around mob spawners -- which is just about the worst time
  10. I've been looking around for any discussion of considerations in switching from playing Tekkit Lite to Tekkit. I seem to recall reading something at one point that explained why Tekkit Lite was made, but cannot now find such material I've played quite a bit of Tekkit Lite, not that I've 'mastered' all of its content, and so I just kept playing it. But someone at the Minecraft forums suggested I should check out Tekkit Latest or Tekkit Classic cause they are "MUCH better" than Tekkit Lite. Tekkit seems to include all the content in Tekkit Lite, plus additional content? It also looks like a few
  11. Blade Runner is by far my favorite movie; even so, I'm pretty sure I'm not a bot . . . unlike you, your hologram you . . . So are there are there any standard procedures or best practices for sharing game world files/folders?
  12. Hey folks, Have been back to Tekkit Lite this summer after a long hiatus from Minecraft. Have been playing along SP all summer relearning what I had forgot, and learning a few new things. One issue that I'm stumped by: what happened to backpacks in Tekkit Lite? A separate topic that I'll refer to here, as many of you guys actually play Tekkit Lite, so it may be of interest to someone here . . . I started a thread at Minecraft forums(Dead is Dead Neurosis: Am I the only one?) that describes the whole 'story,' but bascially to make a long story short: I have built up q pretty substantial SP base
  13. LOL, duh. http://wiki.technicpack.net/Inventory_Tweaks
  14. I'm not seeing how to get my inventory (well, the crafting window) to do that thing where it will split a stack into halves, thirds, quarters, etc. when you drag a stack of items across two or more cells. I figured this was a feature in NEI, but I'm not finding anything specifically about it. Can someone point me to the correct mod, plugin to relearn how this works? Also, what is the key for third person mode?
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