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  1. Alright I'm making a pack to distribute, but I need to delete META-INF from minecraft.jar. The mod does NOT use forge, so that isn't an option. (forge actually breaks the mod). Please tell me how I can distribute the mod with META-INF deleted via the Technic Launcher. Any help is appreciated!!!
  2. A.) The mod literally does not work with forge B.) Yes, I know. You can still use old versions on the technic launcher though C.) No, that is not how it works. It goes DIRECTLY in the minecraft.jar because there is NO FORGE. Plus, that isn't how you distribute through the Technic Launcher.
  3. Well I'll keep this short. I know how to make a modpack that uses forge, that's easy. HOWEVER, there is a tiny pack I want to make that uses a mod that doesn't use forge (Christmas Festivities from 2012 for 1.4.5). I know how to manually install this, but can anyone tell me how to make this work on the launcher? (to install manually you delete META-INF from the minecraft.jar and drag in the mod contents afterwards) Thanks in advance!
  4. I see. So probably the best option would to be to just contact the mod maker themselves?
  5. I am compiling a modpack, and I was just wondering where the crafting recipes for mods are located. I'm assuming they are within the executable java/.zip folder, but where are they typically located from there?
  6. Actually I am talking about my login specifically for the Technic website.
  7. Oh sorry, I appreciate that, but I meant the email for the technic launcher platform, not the forums. Sorry, I didn't make that clear.
  8. Well, I have searched the platform for a long time, but I cannot for the life of me find a place to change the email associated with my account. Is there a way to do this or not? I registered it with my school email and I won't have it much longer, so I need to transfer it (if at all possible) to my regular email.
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