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  1. Hello, I'm making a private modpack for me and my friends to use and I'm wondering if I make a private modpack, and include mods without getting permission, if I could still use it without being sued or troubled by the mod developers.
  2. If by API you mean this, I believe it's this - http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/butterflies
  3. Help please! My modpack won't load! The mods itself load, but after they're done, the whole thing crashes! Here is my crash report/log. [B#439] Expected MD5: 189acaecbe31eeb4366bca7ba17d7496 Calculated MD5: 189acaecbe31eeb4366bca7ba17d7496 [B#439] Expected MD5: c5cc4613bbdfba3ccf5f0ab85390d0b8 Calculated MD5: c5cc4613bbdfba3ccf5f0ab85390d0b8 [B#439] Expected MD5: 1372bd4823bb1ef61e7db6724f601150 Calculated MD5: 1372bd4823bb1ef61e7db6724f601150 [B#439] Expected MD5: a3e3c3186e41c4a1a3027ba2bb23cdc6 Calculated MD5: a3e3c3186e41c4a1a3027ba2bb23cdc6 [B#439] Expected MD5: 9b12c295c39ee87ee01a685b
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