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Pipes - Items gone? :(


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I just started playing with these mods. And i love it... It is really fun and i have allot of plans. Tho something happen and all my items disappear.

So now im searching for a reason and a fix for it not to happen again.

I was building a big storage chamber. With pipes coming from my mine and other places with materials. All materials where sorted into furnaces and other machines and then in the end land in different chests.

But i have lost so many items in the pipes that it is now getting boring. All my plans seems to be a waste of time. Why is items falling out of the pipes and just disapearing...

So far i managed to recreate this issue when i am at the chunk but also when i leave the chunk.

I can se that things bug out if the chunk is not loaded. But i was on the chunk when this happend, so it was to be loaded. I guess i could build one of those world anchor, but still things disappeared in front of my eyes in the pipes.

What can i do to make this fun again?

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tried to take a look at the redpoer2 mod.

i cant see how i can convert my current pipes to these tubes?

for exampel my pipes come from a quarry with lots of random material

traveling to my storehouse where ore is sent one way, stone another etc.

meeting back up to be sorted into chests

can i do this with tubes?

what items will i need... all i can find is something called filter, but not sure that is the right thing to use along

side of the tubes to push some items into new tubes and others just keep going straight.

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cant find him speaking about the tubes and how to setup a proper storage filtering system...

any one able to link?

it looks like redpower is better.... but at the same time i cant find any info how to set it up as i like it.

I have a main pipe that come from a quarry... Then i have diamond pipes that filter items into chests ore machines and i have iron tubes to put things back into the main tube.

how can this be done with redpower?

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