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How to use commands to spawn modpack blocks


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Hey guys,

I'm trying to use commands to set an area to a specific block type ("Paved Stone Bricks") and I can't figure out how to do it with items outside vanilla Minecraft (notably because of an absence of item ids...)

So the process :

>go to one corner "/Set HPOS1"

>go to the opposite corner "/set HPOS2"

>use command "/set 'paved stone bricks'"

Brings up an error saying that the block type doesn't exist. And I have no ID to use in place of "paved stone bricks" so I don't know where to go from here. What should I be typing for the block name? I've tried looking online for a list of Minefactory IDs but couldn't find any... Any tips on using commands to spawn modpack items by name?



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The only way I know of to spawn/give items is by item I'd, if you mouse over a block it will show you it's own id. If the item has a : in the id then it's as simple as '/give {item id before :} {quantity} {item id after :}'

For example to get 10 of an item with the id aaaa:bbbb you would type '/give aaaa 10 bbbb'bbbb' minus the quotes. Hope that helps.

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