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Adding MystCraft

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Hello there,

I've played Tekkit Classic for 2-3 years now, built an absolutely kick-a** world (not sure if swearing allowed just created new account) and can do just about anything I want. I've tried other modpacks (FTB Ulttimate, Big Dig, Hexxit and some others) but none have come close. I was disappointed back when I heard Tekkit was discontinued and was hence dubbed "Classic", but I played nevertheless.


Alright so I want to add MystCraft into Tekkit Classic, but I've run into some problems (a lot).

1. I'm having difficulty finding a reliable download for Mystcraft 1.2.5

2. I have no idea how to install the mod if it is not a jar. For some reason the Tekkit Classic modpack is the only one I've ever had trouble installing mods in.

If anybody could link me a working download verified by them at the time of posting I would be grateful. If the same person could also explain how to install it I would be even more grateful.

Also pressing enter puts a large white space thing between lines, I don't like that...


EDIT: I did manage to install. If anybody wants to know try messaging me (if that's possible on this website) and I'll try my best to explain.

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