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Welcome to TekkPack! Here you will experience almost all the stuff from Tekkit Classic

Some mods might be different, but they are just to improve your gameplay.

This pack was made in order to update Tekkit Classic as seen above.

- So basicly the reason of doing this is because we all liked the old times playing Tekkit, but we simply feel that we need an upgrade...

- Best mods should be Industrial Craft 2 and Project-E, there is a bunch of new updates which should be cool to experience

- Power Red is being outdated and never updated from 1.4.6 version of minecraft, so there is a new mod called "Project: Red" which has almost every single thing that Power Red had

- Equivalent Exchange 2 so we all know this mod is never been updated from 1.2.6 what is slightly sad. So after that happened someone said okay, i know the basics of code, this should be easy and coded a mod called Project E which has literally everything that EE2 had

Many thanks to Sleazy Networks for hosting our official TekkPack server! Wouldn't make it without you ;)

Link: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/tekkpack-1710.589766

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