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how to craft block panels,covers?


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hey, in older tekkit versions it was that u can craft them with full size block and using some saw .. but now its not available .. i tried with ruby saw get basalt panel and cover but when i try craft in different ways doesnt let me..

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Hi Erniuss,

The problem, at least on my Tekkit, is that the output icon is not shown in the crafting grid when you enter a correct recipe -- but if you hover the output slot with your mouse you'll see it highlight,  a quantity digit being shown and you can "pick up " the crafted item. Once in your inventory the icon is shown correctly.

For example, I can take a ruby saw and place it above a cobblestone block in the grid and then click on the (empty looking) output slot to grab two cobblestone slabs. I think the recipes are the same for both the "forge" and "immibis" microblocks so, saw to the left of the block to make pillars and nooks; saw above to make slabs, panels and thinner pillars. Arrange eight slabs/panels/covers in a ring to make same with hole in the middle.

All the best,

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