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[1.6.4]MineQuest[Pve][48 Slots][MineQuestMc]

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  • Hello guys I see you have been looking for a fun minecraft roleplaying server with quests, classes, Custom Npc's and lots of amazing boss mechanics. If so then you hit the jackpot! MineQuest is exactly that. We have a Couple different classes to choose from Archer, Rogue, Paladin, Mage all having there special spells and abilities as well as specially designed kits to suit your character perfectly. You can join through the Modpack link: http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/minequestmc the Server Ip address is
  • A few of the rules we have are No PvP, No Griefing claimed areas, No Hacking, No X-ray Mods or Texture Pack, Use JohnSmith 32x32 for best server results, No excessive swearing, Don't be an Idiot, Don't steal from people and Most important of all don't back talk or give  any staff a Hard time. This server was created in memory of SMCowns modded roleplaying server. The server is 24/7 The server currently has no whitelist,  Might be a possibility in the future if we have problems. Thanks for reading, Hope to see you there! ~David.
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