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Big Reactor Auto Control with ComputerCraft


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Oye, VampiricT here!

So today, I setup my reactor from big reactors, a 5x5x9 with 5 control rods and cooled with Gelid Cryothium. The reactor makes about 10kRF/t. I have a program that is pretty small and monitors it and turns it on and off. I was wondering if someone could make me a computercraft program that has the following

-Button control for manual

- Fits a advanced monitor 3x3

Automatic detection

Just send me a message if you would like to help.


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Hi VampiricT,

Late reply but hope it's of some hep to you...

You are quite welcome to use my ComputerCraft script as a starting point, should be more or less set up: you just need to set the reactor name at the top and then tweak the output for your display. http://pastebin.com/ZRRgin05

Should be simple enough to add a check for a "manual" button signal to break out of the control loop.

label set ReactorMonitor

pastebin get ZRRgin05 startup


All the best,

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HI VampiricT,

When you enable the modem connected to the reactor you should get a message telling you what it's called the reactor -- on my Tekkit it calls the first one BigReactors-Reactor_0 and then counts up each time you (re-)connect a modem to a reactor. You just need to edit the peripheral.wrap() line near the top of the script to match. See http://computercraft.info/wiki/Peripheral_(API)#Connecting_peripherals_using_networking_cables

An alternative, if you connect the computer directly to the reactor computer port, is to use the  peripheral.wrap( <side> ) form of the function.

You might get the script to "auto detect" a reactor (any reactor?) using something like peripheral.find( 'BigReactors' ) but I've never tried it so I've no idea if it will work.

Hope that helps,

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