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Tekkit and Towny question


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The mods act as logged in players named [buildCraft] and [industrialCraft].

Maybe graniting these player some permissions would help. I dont use towny, so I am not sure if you need to promote these player in town or just fool with permissions.

Have fun, you signed up for the game called "get your server running bug free" not minecraft, like you thought.

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  • 3 months later...

I can confirm that for the buildcraft one at least it work if you make him ops.

I did not dig too much into it yet.

Altough it could be abused by some players to grief the server, but then again, why would such player be left in the server in the first place heh :)

Now to fin about red power and forestry !

On a related matter : Thanks for the advice gigafunk !

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