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Prevent pipes from linking to Condenser


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Hello, i am not sure this is the appropriate place to post this but i will go ahead and do it anyway so bear with me.

First of all i really love EE. I love the condenser, i love the rings, its really good. BUT, at the moment you can make machines that generates tons of trash and pipes it directly into the condenser. Some people on my server have made machines that make 1 diamond every 30 seconds. It completely takes away the survival aspect of the game, and ruins the game economy. There is almost no trade and diamonds are basically given out for free. So i could just disable EE, but that would just disable the condenser which is really usefull without being too imbalanced. The only problem for me is that you can make these machines that funnels trash into the condenser making it able to get tonnes of diamonds without any real effort.

So ive been thinking how we can keep the condenser but disable those machines, and what i think i need is something that will prevent the condenser from being hooked up with pipes. This would disable the automation making the machines much less desirable.

Does anyone know of a plugin, or a server side setting or mod that will prevent users from hooking the condenser up with pipes?

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As soon as you leave the condensor or even the trans tablet in, people will find a way to make resources for free. EE has to be nearly crippled before it will no longer remove the "survival" aspects of the game, unfortunately.

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