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Introducing The POWER BOX!


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I have created a compact box that generates LV, MV, HV and BC power! its fast and doesnt need supervision. I will be making better versions and other creations for everyday tekkit use!

To give you a perspective of how powerful it is: I placed down a Quarry and plugged it in to the BC output and in under 5 Seconds the frame was built!

Download Schematic file: HERE

For Tekkit version 3.1.1

And Uses Wireless Redstone Channels 1000 and 1001

Note: if the Display is blank but is powered then you need to get an energy Sensor Kit and Destroy this panel:


Then use the sensor kit on this MFSU:2012_07_23_11_51_30.png

Then just place the location in the Display to the left and enjoy 1800 EU/t in a compact box!

Any problems just comment to let me Know. Any further information you'll find on the back of the Power Box, on signs.

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what does it use for power generation, or it it just a battery?

It is basically a Compact and safe , Overpowered Nuclear Reactor As compact as possible. Its meant for a easy way to power your creations without the hassle of setting up something to Give Alot of power, Just flip the switch and the MFSU fills up in Under five minutes.

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I see from your minimap that the first few design tests were...unsuccessful. :)

LOL I finally got the ice system producing and threw in a failsafe. If the box Reactor exceeds 7500 Heat ( It shouldnt ever ) It will do a 30 Second cooldown. So no Explosions, Perfectly safe

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