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Tekkit let's play!!!

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Ive been getting really bored lately in my single player tekkt server and I wanted to do something new since on multiplayer servers most people are usually ahead of you, and I was thinking that instead of just going on a multiplayer server I could find a partner to do tekkt with! There are a couple problems.

1. FRAPS, bandicam and all thoughs other thigns dont work for me.

2. I dont own a mic or anything similar.

3. I dont know why but my computer just wont let me make a multiplayer server.

So what I was thinking is create and brand knew youtube channel for both of us to share.

More then 1 person to do this with would be appreciated :)

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i would also like to join, and i maybe able to host a server ( on canihostaminecraftserver.com it says at most 2 or 3 players)

and if you have a skype add me im noobertuber970 on skype

edit: i cant record because i dont know how to use a recording thing of any type

yay i made the server

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