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WorldGenerationControl plugin and Technic


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I'm setting up a new Tekkit server for some friends and in the past with vanilla bukkit I've always used World Generation Control to pre-generate a nice sized map as it gives better server performance in the long run and lets me put up a full render of the worldmap right off the bat and so on. I did a test with tekkit and made a 512x512 map and it looks like everything works fine. It looks to have generated custom ores, rubber trees & volcanoes, etc. And I don't see any obvious or glaring issues with the map.

I realize that using other plugins not included in Technic/Tekkit is unsupported of course. Just curious if anyone else has used this plugin and experienced any problems.

link to the plugin: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/worldgenerationcontrol

This plugin causes the RedPower trees to not fully generate -- I don't recommend using it.

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