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op [BuildCraft] Help

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Can anyone explain what "op [buildCraft]" will do on a server? I opped [buildCraft] earlier after reading several posts it is needed to allow quarries to bypass WorldGuard regions, but I don't want it being op to be exploitable.

Is there any risk to having [buildCraft] op? Is there anyway to use PermissionsEx to limit the permissions of the fake user, [buildCraft]?

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Basically, if you install a permissions system, most of the time the default to unknown/new users having little to no rights, this means the mods that break blocks, can't.

All you're doing is letting those users break blocks so while it's a heavy handed approach, it will always work. There is no reason you couldn't configure your permissions plugin to only allow them limited rights assuming the permission plugin supports the square brackets ok

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