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  1. 3.1.2 to 3.1.3 is a clean upgrade, there is no migration, just copy the new files over top of the old and start. To backup you can either zip the whole folder, or if you just want the worlds backed up then just zip up the worlds folder. You can also use the minebackup plugin to automate world backups
  2. It may still be 64bit capable, but you'd need to run CPUID to find out
  3. What IP address are they trying to connect to (the hamachi one?). Do you have the OS's firewall enabled?
  4. The short answer, is no, you can't allocate more memory to a 32bit java process. You need a 64bit OS, either 64bit windows or a version of Linux (of which Ubuntu is one). No where do you actually say what your hardware is. You may have the additional problem of having a machine that isn't 64bit capable, it's unlikely as the machine would need to be ~10 years old, but not impossible
  5. Just re-read your initial post, you're going to need more condensors too, you need coal (to make coal dust), glass and finally one to make furnaces (rather than cobble and then using a table, just condense the furnace directly).
  6. If you have the power you can get normal ones going faster in my experience. 14 overclockers running on HV is plenty fast enough
  7. Also if you use pneumatic redstone pipes you don't need all the different timers, just one connected to a pipe and jacketed wires to connected the pipes to carry the timer signal. My smallest standard solar panel factory was 5x8x5 with the final 5 being height and 2 of those blocks being underground. My current factory is bigger than that, but uses maglev pipes and accelerators and has a single pipe backbone with all objects color coded to go to the right place. Without the maglev pipe setup I'm sure I could get it smaller still with a shared backbone system. Also, if you're going for speed, you'll want 2 extracters and 2 furnaces. you'll also want two tables making copper wire.
  8. Spawns are safe to a certain radius by default. This setting is in bukkit.yml and called spawn-radius. If it's currently set to zero set it to something else (16 for example), and pow, non destructable spawn area
  9. well yes, it works, but it's not the most efficient since you've got 200 heat and 50 cold, where as a lava underneath and water on all 4 sides is 100 heat and 100 cold and thermopiles max out at 100 of each, anymore and they become unstable/less efficient
  10. Nope, the dots don't mean anything. Just there to confuse you :)
  11. It's not the bottom, it's that some blocks won't get power right from an energy link (from any side), you need to add a wooden conductive pipe to the bottom of the energy link, then a gold conductive pipe between the wooden pipe and the pump
  12. Hell, a couple of not gates could do it. You'd have to break open the bundle and run it back into a new one, but it's do it
  13. Are you playing from the same machine as the server runs on? If so, it could be the firewall on the server itself. You mention unblocking the launcher but that has nothing to do with the server. Try disabling the firewall entirely on the server. If you're not playing from the same server, does that server have normal internet access ok? Are DNS and it's gateway configured correctly?
  14. There is no [buildcraft] command. It is a fake user, that you need to allow the ability to break blocks (among other things) via your permission system. Most of the major mods have fake users. Do a search of the forum for [buildcraft] and you'll see a lot of threads