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  1. Why you want to join: looking for a decent sever to play onwithout the need to worry about children deciding to be stupid Age: 25 In-Game Name: rageoftheday What your good at: custom weapons etc Other: idk
  2. IGN (In Game Name): rageoftheday Age: 25 Why Horizon?: looking for a decent pve server to play w/o getting griefed What is your goal on the server?: have a nice time
  3. the main thing i was talking about is kiod and explosions off cause 1 person can bring creepers to anyones home and destoy it and it woud be natural griefing and if they bring to chests etc itll blow up the home and open the chests
  4. for it to be a good server u need a better spawn and to turn off explosions especially creepers and possibly add keep items on death
  5. does anyone have a preconfigured 3.1.2 version of plugins that do this im on a friends server but greif massivly happens because of this and we cant find a way to stop it....help
  6. lol, if that boy is you, then sincerly you look like a mole XDD

  7. most people here are very unhelpful not really unhelpful to new people....if your new youll probably get ignored
  8. every plugin i have tried has failed...anyone help?
  9. i have world gard but banning items doesnt seem to work does anyone have a config file that works? or have anything that helps