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  1. lol, if that boy is you, then sincerly you look like a mole XDD

  2. Nice server. I wanna make a review for it: ---------------------------- Plugins: Pro: -Most of plugins are working very good and makes people happy [1 P.] -Stable economy (I love the auction plugin ) [2 P.] Cons: -Let say that I am mining... I find some diamonds and... That stupid clag deletes the diamonds. Seriously?! Every 20 seconds that thing deletes entities [-1 P.] Recommandation: -Get rid of clag ---------------------------- Players: Pro: -Friendly players, seen no griefs / griefers [0.50 P.] Cons: 0 Recommandation: 0 ----------------------------- Staff: Pro: -Friendly, helpful and creative staff [2.50 P.] Cons: 0 Recommandation: 0 ---------------------------- Spawn / Staff-made-buildings: Pro: -Very nice spawn (no one can get lost in it ) [1 P.] -The town "Vysalia" is very nice and the prices in the shop are not expensive [2 P.] Cons: 0 Recommandation: 0 ----------------------------- Uptime: Pro: -Ussualy 24/7 [+1 P] Cons: Too much downtime [-1 P] Recommandation: Get rid of this downtime ----------------------------- Overall: [8 / 10] ---- Medium now.... please get the server up (its down now ) Edit: server down... again...
  3. Before I will comment one of the first posts, I will review this server 1. Staff Very good staff. The only problem is that they don't join to much the server. 9/10 2. Lag Not much laggy. Just sometimes. 9.5/10 3. Banned Items and Mods Normal items and mods that would need banned. 10/10 4. Players There are nice players, but there are some players that are the reason I will not come back (idk their names, but all of them are called Griefers) 7.5/10 5. Plugins The second reason of because I will not come back. No /home and /sethome, claim, /spawn, /lock (or Lockette). Their only plugins are nearly useless. 1.5/10 Now, the average for this server: 9/10 ------------------------- Now, about what I firstly said, I will first quote the post: This is the owner of "Tecraft", which can be called the worst server ever. This is just a ***** advertiser that doesnt knows how to run a server. How he runs a server: Someone asks him for copper. His response? Warning with ban. I only say this: Do not join his server. ---------------------------
  4. You. ****ing idiot (and owner). Stop advertising your **** server. Your mom is a *****.

  5. Alexdevus, thanks for your review. Sincerly, this server thread got the most bad comments. And... I think the owner got only 0.0000000001% brain. Comeon, asking for copper comes with the ban warn... Thanks again for the review and stoping me from joining this stupid server. P.S.: XPownage, go back to school then come back and learn how to own a server little kid Edit: I think GamerX10 = XPownage or one of his admins
  6. Minecraft Username: cucust9876 Age: 16 Youtube Channel(If you have one): -- Would you donate: Sry, no How much would you Donate: ^^
  7. I'm looking for a good Alliance realm for my next alt, but which one is the best? I thought its Silvermoon. Note: EU realms
  8. Ingame username: cucust9876 Age: 16 Are you experienced in tekkit? Yep, you can check me in game Do you wish to play on cubenation? yes We are also looking for staff, are you willing to help?(optional) sure
  9. omg... anth, before you join a server, look at the forum post! if it says: Griefing allowed, then don't join you ******* silly noob
  10. "Server great for trollers": So many idiots on it that you can even troll the dirt "Get rid of Anarchy": Anarchy *****
  11. Haha! You banned that idiot Edit: This is my review (credits for template goes to shoopboi) Pros No banned items Few bans Generous owner Good map Cons 10 player limit Crashes(rare) take awhile to get back up Anarchy Lack of factions Most players are noobs Overall:6.50/10 Suggestion: Get rid of anarchy!
  12. Epic server I recommend it to all trollers Note for noobs like anthodragon: go **** away from here and ****
  13. Danger!: long list coming! 1) Plots at spawn 2)Ports plugin so we can make zeppelins 3) Events world 4) Remove Factions and add Towny 5) Creative world 6) WorldGuard for Creative World 7)Player-made warps to their towns 8) Warp-board 9) Zoo at spawn with selling place* 10) Marketplace* ( at 9 and 10, please don't use them to remove EE2, we love it) This is my list. If I will found something new for the server, I will add it here.