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Block Breaker stop after a short while in SMP

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I just set up a tekkit SMP Server a little time ago.

Its running on hamachi on my local server.

I just start building a cobblestone-generator like this in the video:

I also tried other forms but with all kinds it's the same:

The generator works really great, but after one or two minutes the generator just stop.

If you destroy the Breaker, the water and lava doesn't flow anymore, they are just there.


After a long while it's start flowing again, it generates Cobble and than it's stop like the image above again. So the generate speed is like one cobblestone per 2 minuts which is very bad.

But on other server like the server Duncan play's on, it's work very good.

Can i fix this in any way?

Im not in the Spawn area or something, the only plugin i have is Essentials.

Please help me :(

Good bye

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It's hard to say without seeing it in action, but here are some things to check.

Make sure you don't have the timer set too fast. This can prevent the cobblestone from being formed before the block breaker triggers. Also check that you have somewhere for the broken blocks to go. The breaker won't activate if there is no valid location for the broken location and the breaker's buffer is already full.

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