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  1. My Tekkit 2 server had EE enabled, but we decided to disable it for Tekkit 3. After making red matter tools with EE, I was horrified at the amount of destruction that can be caused by accident, so I disabled the destructive tools. If you do decide to keep EE, I suggest doing the same for everybody's safety. But we decided to disable it entirely in the next world for a different reason. The players and I agreed that it ruins the resource accumulation aspect of the game. Tekkit makes mining fun. As in, even more rewarding and addictive than vanilla mining. There are tons of tech options in Tekkit for gathering resources that are more interesting and more balanced that EE's alchemy. For manual mining, you can use Redpower2 gem tools early, then IC2 mining drills and lasers later. Lasers are a lot of fun. For automated mining, there are quarries and mining drills in both Buildcraft and IC2. All of these tech alternatives only allow the player to access resources that actually exist within a given area, so rarity is pretty well-preserved. It is worth mentioning, however, that UU-matter in IC2 allows transmutation to lots of vanilla and tekkit "natural resources," but it doesn't do everything. For example, it can't create mob drops like ghast tears or blaze rods, so the user still has reasons to kill stuff. It also doesn't do any Redpower2 ores. And above all, it doesn't do processed resources or items of any kind, so the player still has a reason to create automated factories to process the materials and craft things. UU-matter is basically the "end-game" tech for Tekkit if you don't have EE, but if you do have EE you can bypass the entire tech progression it normally takes to get UU-matter in a much, much shorter time frame and with far less effort. EE makes it possible to accumulate virtually infinite items of any kind, which eliminates the concept of rarity. In our Tekkit 2 server I made 17 solar flowers and it was just insane how much redmatter I could crap out. I could have built a fortress of red matter at that point, but it wouldn't have even felt like an accomplishment because it was so easy. EE pretty much eliminates crafting from the game since you can just transmute everything after you craft one copy. This isn't universally true, but it is intended to be. It's convenient, but it really cheapens the whole Minecraft experience. Tekkit is more fun for nerds if you leave out EE. Although, I will now contradict myself and tell you that we did decide to allow exactly two EE2 items: philosopher's stone and swiftwolf's rending gale. Pstone is just fucking amazing. First, it's a portable crafting table. Second, it makes the really mundane task of landscaping faster and more fun. It only works on a few very common materials, so it isn't dangerous or imbalanced. Pstone does allow you to do a few transmutation recipes too, but they are very limited. You can pack your coal into aeternalis fuel as a storage block, which is just handy. But you can also transmute iron<>gold<>diamond (at arguably fair ratios) and can turn 1 coal into 4 charcoal (which burn for the same amount of time). I'm not crazy about that part, but I just don't use those recipes personally. Also, we only added Pstone after I'd gotten UU matter, making it more of a moot point for us. I also added swiftwolf's after using an electric jetpack for several weeks. I got sick of two things with the jetpack. First, it is not nearly as useful for building things because you are constantly going up and down. Second, the way fall damage is calculated makes the item extremely dangerous and also non-intuitive. Swiftwolf just gives you creative mode style flight, which is a massive boon. And it costs a fucking shitload.
  2. It's hard to say without seeing it in action, but here are some things to check. Make sure you don't have the timer set too fast. This can prevent the cobblestone from being formed before the block breaker triggers. Also check that you have somewhere for the broken blocks to go. The breaker won't activate if there is no valid location for the broken location and the breaker's buffer is already full.
  3. Oooh, I didn't know this! The shadows have really been annoying me when using BDCraft textures, so I'm really excited that there's a fix for it. Thanks much :)
  4. Nobody wants to play on a server with a totalitarian admin. If you don't like microblocks, then don't use them in your own builds. Problem solved. The fact that you are even considering removing them shows that you are extremely inexperienced with RP2. Covers and strips are essential for compact RP2 builds. Removing them would be a real dick move.
  5. The "o" key toggles NEI for me. Hope this helps.
  6. Title: Bug Report form prints special characters as HTML markup Version: 3.0.3/3.0.4 OS: N/A Java Version: N/A Description of Problem: When entered a Bug Report on the forum, this is what happens if I type a quote: &quot; Here are a few other special characters to see if the problem affects other common special characters. quote: &quot; ampersand: &amp; greater than: &gt; less than: &lt; apostrophe: ' (The new submission for is really slick, by the way; it just has this bug to iron out.) Error Messages: Error Log:
  7. Title: Launcher cannot connect to minecraft.net despite server being online Version: 3.0.3/3.0.4 OS: Windows 7 Java Version: JRE 1.7u4 Description of Problem: The Technic Launcher very frequently reports "Could not connect to minecraft.net." However, I have discovered that I can usually log in with my vanilla client just fine when this happens. This indicates that the server isn't really down, but the launcher thinks it is. I've also noticed that I get the "Oh Noes! Our Tumbler Feed is Down!" with an extremely high rate of frequency. It's possible that both connections are timing out while the Launcher is loading and performing other initialization tasks. Bottom line: Minecraft.net is not actually down. Suggested fix: It would be extremely helpful if there was a "Retry"; or "Refresh" button next to the "Offline Mode" button, which would allow the user to try and reestablish a connection to Minecraft.net without closing and opening the entire Launcher application. Or better yet, have the client automatically refresh every 10 seconds until it can connect to Minecraft.net, which will be less strain on servers than having people manually spamming the button. (My hope is that this will solve the problem, because reconnecting while the launcher isn't otherwise busy is less likely to time out.) Error Messages: None Error Log: None; simply cannot connect despite being able to in vanilla.
  8. If any fellow server admins have found a solid solution to this problem but you fear retaliation from making the information public, please consider sending me a PM instead. This has been a huge problem this summer, especially for folks who come home at 5:30 and just want to play but can't log in, so I know I'm not alone. Based on my research, I'm not convinced that a cracked client is required. I've read that you can simply specify the username that you wish to use on the command line when you run Minecraft.jar, but that is too complicated for my users. So it can be done, but can it be done better? There are a few Bukkit plugins that might meet my needs, such as RoyalAuth and XAuth. Does anybody have experience using these? I want player who has a legitimate account, such as "UserX", to be able to assume that exact identify if he logs on with Offline mode. If this can be accomplished via a command, that would be fine. I'm not here to debate the philosophy of screwing over your paying customers with DRM. I'm just looking for any help I can get so that my users can be happy and enjoy the game they paid for. Thanks in advance for any help I can get :)
  9. My users and I are frequently unable to log in due to Minecraft authentication servers being offline or overloaded. It is especially a problem during peak times, which is when my players are also trying to log in. We all own retail copies of the game, so it is very frustrating that we cannot log in normally due to Mojang's poor servers. I have enabled offline mode for the server so that my players don't have to suffer. However, when I log in, my name is "Player" instead of my account name, and obviously I don't have my account's inventory or settings. Please tell me, how can my players log in under their normal user names when running Offline mode? This is an invite-only server, so I am not worried about passwording accounts, but it would be nice to have. My users are not comfortable with modding, so the simpler, the better. I recognize the controversial nature of this request because the information could be used to enable people using cracked clients, but there must be thousands of other users who are in exactly the same situation this summer. Please don't punish all of the retail customers who are being screwed by Mojang's poor servers. Any help at all would be much appreciated. Thank you :)
  10. It doesn't appear that World Anchor works for me, either. I'm running Essentials, EssentialsProtect, and Modifyworld. I don't imagine any of those have default settings that block Tekkit item IDs, though. Although, is it supposed to keep things loaded when nobody is online?
  11. I was hoping to get a head start on testing my latest development. Alas, the new mod feature I'm looking to test deals almost exclusively with IC2 ores, so I guess there's no point looking for a server until IC2 is included in the build. No worries; I'll just add more bugs features instead :)
  12. I see that the dev build for Tekkit 3.0 (MC 1.2.5) is available in the list. Is the corresponding server available somewhere? I haven't been able to locate it.
  13. Wow, I knew about Ender chests but not about Ender bags. I'm glad I asked, thanks all :)
  14. Are there any items currently in Tekkit or planned for the next Tekkit release that approximate the functionality of EE's Alchemy Bags? In particular, I'm looking for a device that keeps items safe while exploring. Additional inventory space and/or organization is a plus. MightyPork's backpack mod includes a &quot;Magic Backpack&quot; that keeps your items safe. It is arguably a lot less &quot;overpowered&quot; because the storage space is very limited. It's not in the current Tekkit pack to my knowledge, but it does have SMP support and would be a wonderful addition. The backpack mod also allow you to create colored and named bags that function as portable chests for basic inventory management, but any items inside are destroyed. Again, that is much less powerful than EE bags, but it would still be very nice to have the extra storage space. The Yogbox allows you to retain your entire inventory upon death. While that's not exactly what I'm looking for, it would be a reasonable alternative if there's some way to enable it for Tekkit servers. If there are any items already in Tekkit (other than the EE bags, obviously) that would be useful, please let me know. If no alternatives exist, please allow me to humbly suggest MightyPork's backpack mod for future consideration.
  15. It would take a lot longer than a day for a new world, but aside from the exaggeration you're totally right. In fact, the feedback from my players is that we should rip out EE entirely. The reasoning is that certain resources are intended to be super rare, not just super expensive. This obviously covers diamonds as you have mentioned, but also extends to mob drops, clay, and various other things. Turning off EE means player and admin shops will actually have a reason to exist again, which I'm excited about.
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