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okay, so i have 2 computers. one upstairs one downstairs, the downstairs is my gaming computer, the upstairs is the one i run my server off of. well i cannot seem to connect to the server(nor can anyone else) it just says end of stream even though the server is open i have ran regular bukkit off of it multiple times. im not sure exactly why. ive closed the launcher and done various things to try to get it to work but it will not . any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated :)

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...and done various things to try to get it to work but it will not...

Like what?

Are they on the same network? Are you connecting to the right IP? Did you ensure the IP for your server won't change (by using a dedicated IP for it)?

What you've said thus far: 'I have 2 computers, one for gaming and a server that I can't connect to. I pushed some random buttons until I failed to fix it or broke it more and now I expect someone to hack my computers, read my mind, and fix my problems without providing any useful information whatsoever.'

Provide more information if you want help.

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sorry, i realize how unclear i was. yes they are on the same network, yes i use no - ip for dedicated and i know i am connecting to the right ip, it also says stream ended for my friends who try to get on it as well.

im running 64 bit windows 7 on my gaming cp, 32 bit Winxp on the server, not great but it is all i thought id need for what im doing.

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