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RailCraft Save Issue

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Hello! I have a little Tekkit server with around 10 people on it, not to long ago we had a power outage.

Since then I keep getting the message "[Warning] Error loading RailCraft Save Data: Not in GZIP format". I have been ignoring this message for a while (Not to smart, I know) as I didn't notice any implications of this message. But now, a few of my friends are trying to make a train system to connect our houses. They can't make tracks (H.S. Track, Advanced Track and so on..) but the coke and blast furnaces work flawlessly.

I take daily backups of "world". Could I just copy the GZIP RailCraft save file from an old backup and past it in? Or is it not saved in the "world" folder?

All help is appreciated!

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