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adopt item teleport pipe's GUI code for power teleport pipes?


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Power teleport pipes have a settings GUI with only the most basic options -- frequency and can-receive -- which makes them painful to configure and manage in any significant numbers. Item teleport pipes have a great advanced-settings GUI with clear-text labels for specific frequencies, which makes them trivial to organize at practically any number. Any chance the power teleport pipe's in-game options code could be scrapped in favor of a clone from the item teleport pipe?

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Buildcraft is open-source, so all you have to do is get the source for the version you want to patch, make the changes yourself, recompile, and then distribute only those .class files that you altered. People could use your changes by putting those modified .class files into the appropriate Buildcraft .jar file(s). Something like that would never be accepted into mainstream Technic, though, due to lack of maintainability, so you'd have to support it in patch form indefinitely.

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