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CraftBukkit + Tekkit + McMyAdmin?

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So some people say these three work together yet im still having problems. I have set my tekkit server up renaming the tekkit jar so the server host will read it properly, when I do this I am unable to read the status on my MyMcAdmin tab, or see anyone logged in on the console tab. (This is with the McMyAdmin set as 'official'

I added a craft bukkit and set the server to 'craftbukkit' and I lose all tekkit items and any time I try to spawn stuff it says 'item does not exist'. So I tried renaming adding another tekkit jar renaming it craftbukkit and reloading the backup so tekkit stuff would be there.... and it disappeared again.

I am at a loss of what to do, right now I feel like I've McGuivered my server, and I dont know how much memory its using and am unable to see who is online from McMyAdmin.

I'd really like this to work right, if anyone knows what I can do, please tell me. Do I need a special CraftBukkit Jar? or something else to get it working right?

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