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How do I tell if Quarry is enabled on my server?

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I have just recently created a server with the following plugins:










I'm trying to create a quarry, and I have 3 steam engines powered by coal, hooked up to the quarry all turned on by redstone torches. In Single player the quarry works fine this way. However in Tekkit it does not. I know that some servers disable quarries because of lag issues, however I would like to enable quarries for this server. How can I do this? Is there a plugin thats not allowing the quarry to activate?

Sorry if this is in the wrong section I am new to technic pack as well as these forums.

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Basically I want everyone to have access to all mods in the tekkit pack. I'm playing with friends so I'm not worried about too much access, and griefing etc. I don't know where the permissions are.

-edited: I don't have PermissionsEx installed, so how would I go about editing the permissions? I found a YML file thats not in with my plugins. It says permissions. I opened it and it was blank. Not sure if this is what I need. If it is, can someone tell me the exact code to make it so all mods are enabled on my server?

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You have GroupManager installed, it's a permission plugin. If you're not worried about security at all you can just op all the fake users, that'll override the permission plugin. But you'll still have to learn the permissions system anyway once you get other users

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