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Quarries stopped working

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I run a tekkit server, since day 1 quarries have worked just fine then yesterday they randomly stopped working, if I OP [buildCraft] they start to work again -- but I don't want buildcraft to have OP because then they can bypass worldguard regions. Everything I've found on google has told me to do so, what can I do to let buildcraft build without giving it OP?

I don't recall changing anything, but the server is ran by ~2 people (sometimes 3) so its possible someone else changed a setting, but they don't recall.

I thought about posting in bug board but this doesnt seem like a bug, just a configuration issue.

I figured out the problem, modifyworld is preventing [buildCraft] to build even though we gave it special permissions

SOLVED: Downgrade modify world/permissions/chat manager etc and it will work. Newest version dont work with fakeusers

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